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Brand Your Luxurious Home

Emperor Palace Furniture, a superior living lifestyle for the exquisite class who seek for an extraordinary British Royal classic living with the highest quality of lifestyle.


The Company

Branding with more than 10 years of the best royal classic furniture reputation, and continuously offers a wholesome elegant inspiration for home and palaces, we have strived on demand to expand our product series range from a single home decorative ornaments and lightings to sofas, living rooms, dining and bedrooms furniture.

Strategic Location

Centrally located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Emperor Classic Furniture is well-known for its grandeur and majestic furniture fully imported from the Europe countries. Every single piece comes in extra-large size designed by the European artisan using the best materials around the world, exclusively designed for the superior level of Malaysians with grand homes.

Superb Collection

Welcome to amaze and aspire yourself with our grand showroom displaying all the high end luxurious furniture series and feel the ambience of living in a palace, find the best piece of furniture art that suits best for your living.

Exclusive Product

More than 100 collections of royal classic furniture distinctively selected and imported from the Europe countries, our furniture is tailored especially for you.


Bedroom Furniture

Having a quality sleep is not merely about timing. Firm grandeur bed with utmost latex quality assures you to sleep like a log. Make a better change, sleeping in serenity for a healthier tomorrow.


Living Room Furniture

The grandeur sofas indulge you and your loved ones with comfortable seats. Remarkable craftsmanship with European unique designs, embedded with the finest seams and stitches creates a strong aroma of classical mode in your living room.


Dinning Furniture

To the honourable family and friends, Royal classic dining sets sweeten you with excellent appetite in any occasions. Be it round or rectangular, our dining sets serve your guests with joyous moment of togetherness.


Chairs & Cabinets

Transform your room into a comfortable workplace where you could indulge yourself in. Give yourself some space for your personal time at home. Having a comfortable workplace at home and drives your work spirit on!


Home Lighting

Choosing a piece of lighting isn’t just solely to furnish your home, it recognises your status and pride to own an elegance lifestyle. Own your sumptuous pride inviting the guests to your quintessential living room. 


Decoratives & Ornaments

Decoration plays an important role creating a theme for a unique home. Brighten up your home with some vintage ornaments, creating an early English style environment for your luxurious home.

Our Location

Come visit our showroom, we open 7 days a week!
Business Hour 10:00am till 9:30pm

Phone: +603 4251 1131 
Email: [email protected]


Transform your luxury home living lifestyle with us now. Our team of sales representative are ready to hear from you

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